I’ve been thinking and writing a lot lately about Soul contracts and life choices. How much of who we are and what we do is pre-determined, or predestined? What is free-will and do we really have it?

And then of course, an article appeared in my newsfeed on facebook as if it was pre-destined (or, depending on your take on it- a possible Russian algorithm sent to spy on my click-bait choices 🙂 ) :

As the article states “According to Buddhism, your soul has been on this Earth before. It may have been here many times, actually. Our souls come to this world time and time again. This allows growth and change. As you grow old, your soul outgrows its contract and is ready for a new one. As your time in this body is over, your soul moves on too.”

There is no doubt my soul is an old one. I’ve always been impatient, the hurry to speed things up has been interpreted as rudeness on numerous occasions. But I’m ready for the next thing as soon as I’m done with the last. I’m not interested in your positive or negative feedback, I’m already on to the next thing.

But all of these things I feel, the clairsentient, the clairaudience and the empathy, I want to know more about how we choose.

“Your soul contract includes the time, date, and location of your birth, and the family you are being born into. It includes all the events of your life until death and how they may unfold. According to this theory, everything is how it is based on what your soul considered before choosing this life. You can’t remember this decision, yet there is a path for you and lessons to learn and grow from.

Even though there is a path your soul has chosen before being born into this body, you also have the free will to make changes as you wish. Though there may be an outline, it is not your destiny. You can get off the path, and choose differently. Your soul contract was meant to help you grow to a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Everyone you meet has their place and reason to be in your life. It may be confusing, but eventually, it will all be clear to your soul.”

And there it is – “Everyone has a reason to be in your life.” I’ve never been able to make my peace with this part of the soul contract. Forty years ago pre-birth, I made a contract with my father and mother to be their child to deliver the exact messages they need to hear / live with.

And I wonder what this even means in the context of a global pandemic, did we choose to live in this time? What about those who have died, is there a reason for those who are infected and how some have immunity and some do not? Is it pre-destined, or is it just random? Science says there is no such thing as religion and the big bang theory started all of this. And by this way of thinking, nothing has meaning and we live and we die.

“Our lives are but a speck of dust falling through the fingers of time. Like sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

I refuse to believe that the connections in life are all just coincidence. I’m currently working on a post on coincidence and connection, so stay tuned but in considering my life choices, I want, no I need to know there is something more. Something bigger than random atoms bouncing around in the universe and that our choices and our life has meaning.

In the last fifteen weeks, the global pandemic has escalates and heightens my thinking on choice and free will. These global changes has filtered through every aspect of society as it has made demands on defining who we are. Who we are as a person, as a family member, as an employee or employer but who we are as a community and as a human being. It has forced us to our choices, our life decisions, our hopes and dreams in ways that we haven’t had to before. It has placed demands on our perceptions and worldview – our beliefs and confidence in government and institutions, in the media and in our neighbours. Ultimately, we are being asked on a daily basis to commit to unseen acts of trust without even asking questions of the value of each decision, simply because the media and government tell us it is so. And I say to you – trust me, this is not a looney tunes, conspiracy theory post, I am not able to tell you stories of secret societies and back room deals but we need to start filtering our decisions and choices now. Prioritising if and what is working for us. Is it right to go out, who will we seem, how will we interact with them, are we suspicious of them or are we lonely and force interactions on others. All of these new considerations are being foistered on us at an escalating pace that we expect the media and the government to tell us what to do and how to behave. But they don’t have the answers either.

So where do we turn. If we breathe through the pandemic and see that our choices, our words and our values are no longer working, what then? What can we do to make changes and how can we adapt when the circumstances of daily living is constantly changing?

We are currently all going through a call to action. A call to be your best and live your best life. To keep everyone safe and to focus on human kindness. To serve and offer assistance. This is to be our focus. But what do we do when those around us are apathetic about social distancing or want to hug or shake hands? What if that party of twelve that you went to on the weekend infects everyone? This is not just a call to action for individuals. As individuals, we can all do our bit, we can direct our energy to small behavioural changes but there is a need for a society shift and indeed a global shift to raise the global consciousness. This is not something that will happen overnight. Over the next five years, we will see an escalation in destruction and fear, of humans actively fighting against the change. Lonliness, mental health struggles and fear is everywhere in the Covid-world. Our refusal to willingly launch in to change (and our rejection of the call to action), will see us – as individuals, as a society, as a nation – stagnate. Our economies will crash, property use will change, our old ways of working, travelling, communicating and celebrating will need to evolve. Right now, we are seeing many examples of anger and rage and ignorance and delusions, both in life and across social media. We see the damage that this causes. These are the lessons to bring about positive change, to reject the fear of change and to encourage us to refuse the need to cling to the old ways. If we are strong, if we believe in the common good and we focus our energy on doing what is best for all and commit to the discernment and filtering of all information, then there will be hope for humanity.

So how is this possible? Is it even possible? Of course it is. Look to history. At any point of change in society (the fall of Rome, the Renaissance, the Spanish flu, the French revolution, industrial revolution, etc), humans have fought against these moments, but ultimately, were swept along with the change.

All we can do is reflect on our role in this part of history. Look within. Consider your ‘why’ in life, consider your ‘why’ in every choice that you make. By doing this, it will allow us to consider how to heed the call to action and take the steps required to be your best self and serve others.

Make your choices through a prism of hope and kindness.

The time is now.

Feel free to share your thoughts on reincarnation, soul contracts or even your beliefs or rejection of anything in this article. Thanks, friends

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